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(Attendance notes not kept)

Long discussion on helium vs. hydrogen. Scarcity of helium in the near future means it’s necessary that we create a design and method that will stay cheap with renewable resources. It’s not as dangerous as the hindenburg was, but careful procedures are necessary. Also discussed production of hydrogen vs purchase and decided some math was necessary.

Discussion on types of payloads including box, glider, shuttle. Decided we wanted something that looked cool, would be easy to assemble, would be strong enough to resist wind.

Briefly considered a double payload that would drop off excess weight and continue higher with a smaller set of sensors.

Discussed the possibility of controlling descent and landing at takeoff point. Ardupilot was mentioned, but the complexities of such a task, and the likelihood of winds not allowing for a return made this a tenuous option. However, it would be something cool that would set us apart.

Discussed balloon acquisition and cost.

No final decisions or assignments were made.

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