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  • Alex
  • Isaac
  • Bob
  • Micah
  • Mike


  • Pelican case he ordered is in. It’s neat and could probably work, but it’s very heavy. It has a pressure equalization valve. We probably won’t use it, though.
  • Ordered some samples of high quality acrylic from some companies. Optium went all out and sent a very nice package with samples and micro-fiber cloths and stuff worth easily $50, but all he had to do was enter an email address. We should be able to get by with the samples alone, and we could split the samples up and sell them on the store as well.
  • Also talked to a mechanical engineer about the fog problem. If we seal the case and put an anti-absorbent dessicant on the inside, and then apply some anti-fog treatment to the outside of the window, then we should be ok.
  • Research on Hydrogen is complete. Just need to call Airgas to get a cylinder. Should be about $28 per cylinder, and 1 cylinder will fill the balloon.


  • Android makes it really hard to take photos from a service (to prevent malicious use of the camera). The phone may need to be rooted in order to be able to do it.
  • The accelerometer only appears to work when the screen is on. This may be a bug, but it may be annoying, too.
  • The app starts a service that waits for a text message, then starts the other services to do other things.
  • We may have to keep the screen on, which will significantly affect battery life.
  • Solutions may end up being phone dependent, which is bad; up until now the app ran on any phone.


  • Foam is arriving soon. The guy took too long to send it. We can test with cheaper foam that isn’t as strong to see what happens at various speeds and we’ll be able to dial in to a good speed to test the real foam.
  • Will do calculations tonight to determine what the rate of descent will be.

Short discussion about what we’re eliminating from this system. 1) No electronics. 2) No parachute. Removing these things cuts cost and makes the system more reliable.


  • Working on documentation, started the guide.
  • Designed electronics to detect headphone signal and will get build it soon (just wanted to try doing a simple SMD project)

We discussed possible domain names. After much debate, Apollo67 was decided on.

We discussed timing of everything. After looking at the calendar, we’ve decided to have a Friday evening of the 11th work party to accomplish the following:

  • Continue developing the app
  • Documentation
  • Continue developing the web app for displaying the results
  • Build the cage/impact area with the new foam
  • Impact test with cheap foam and a blackberry using an improvised air cannon.
  • Alex will build the reflector
  • Test blow up the real balloon to see how big it gets
  • Test an explosion of a hydrogen balloon with a high-speed camera to:
    • Have a cool video of the explosion
    • Demonstrate the relative safety of a purely hydrogen explosion
    • Demonstrate the difficulty of igniting the balloon
  • If everything goes well on Friday we may be able to test a balloon on Saturday.

Actual launch is planned for the 19th of November.

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