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    • Micah
    • Alex
    • Bob
    • Jessie


    • Foam hasn’t arrived YET, but we’ve ordered from another company. It’s travelling via ground from Colorado, so it could arrive Friday.
    • As a backup plan, he’s contacted another company in Madison that MIGHT be able to sell some to him.
    • An estimate of the weight of the enclosure is 65 grams. This seems crazy, but the material is 1.3#/ft^3. If we’re using 2x4x24, that’s .111 cubic feet of material. .111* 1.3 = .14 lbs, which is 65 grams.
    • Katy Morgan-Davies from Google replied about the phones with a follow-up question. No other progress to report.
    • An air cannon has been constructed, need a barrel to shoot things from. Alternatively, if we use a parachute, we could just throw it off something high.
    • Calculations show it returning to Earth at under 70mph, assuming a weight of .6lbs and a surface area of 4″ diameter. It should be less than that because of the radar reflector and the balloon, which will be imparting drag. Additionally, the foam should absorb most of the impact, so it’s roughly like having a professional baseball player hit you with a whiffle ball. It shouldn’t break anything.


    • Pitched at Madison Soup, but lost. Still, made a contact that should be able to get me in contact with some teachers.
    • The new verizon Stratosphere phone is out. Emailed their media folks to see if they’d be interested in donating a phone or contributing a data plan or something. Haven’t heard back.
    • Added items to the store based on receipts. It’s just a pass-through store; all items just link to other sites.
    • Added a ‘teachers’ page to the wiki that has suggestions for questions and additional information.
    • Continued working on the guide.
    • Now parsing a sqlite database and extracting the data.

    Isaac is not present, but we need an update. As of Friday, he had the phone taking photos from a service.


    • In charge of decorating.
    • Black cage for warmth
    • Sector67 and Apollo67 logos.

    We need another work party on Friday. If all goes well on Friday and the weather is favorable, we’ll launch Saturday morning.

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