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This is a site that helps you design, build, and track your own balloon at high altitudes. Exploring near space is exciting, and we want to help you do it. Our instructions will help you with everything you need to build and fly your own balloon.

For less than $250, you can get all of the materials you need. Use the guide to show you what to get, how to put it all together, and what to expect. You’ll find out not just what to do, but why, and how you can modify the design so that you can customize your launch.

Use the android app we’ve built to manage your flight. The app will take care of everything, and report back in real time, then aid in recovery of your payload.

Get started by reading the guide, or look at what other people have done by clicking on the link to track a launch. Those of us that developed it kept meticulous notes of our planning and preparation, and you can check out what we did either on the wiki or the blog.

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